Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Princess Birthday Week"

I figure I should make an effort to be a much more consistent photographer. I am constantly living in the moment of priceless memories, instead of taking the time to record them.

Last weekend, I FINALLY got to meet Adrian's older brother and his family. This was such an exciting event for me because after dating Adrian so long and knowing his family so well, I always felt like there was a big piece missing. And there was! Tyler and Christy have 3 beautiful children and have a fourth on the way. We had a blast painting nails, playing games, dying easter eggs, going out to eat, and blowing out birthday candles.

Wednesday was my 23rd birthday. That sounds so old to me! :) I was fortunate enough to have a mini celebration with my parents and sister when we were in Idaho for baby Zay's blessing.

My adorable fiance made the ENTIRE week about me! I have told everyone about the card he wrote but I will say it again (as close to ver batim as I can): "Tash, I figure God made the world in 6 days. So why shouldn't I spend that many days celebrating the birth of my world?"

Yes, he really said that.

So, Monday-Saturday, there was something special- whether it was a dozen roses, or shopping, or a surprise spa massage, I was pampered beyond pampered for an entire 6 days.

My actual birthday fell on an exam day. The testing center was kind enough to give me a "Happy Birthday" pencil. And late that night, Adrian and I went to frozen yogurt with Trent and Kailee.

At least my birthday week fell during the district's spring break, so I didn't teach any of my dance classes, and that was a welcome break.

My sister and her husband are closing on a hose in Idaho Falls at the end of the month. I am excited to make my way back up there as soon as the semester ends to help move and take care of my beautiful niece.

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