Sunday, July 25, 2010



I have lots to say for just one post, but I'll do my best. :)

Well, I guess the biggest news on our end is...WE GOT MARRIED! I am one lucky and happy girl. Despite the newness and adjustment period being at times a bit rocky, I couldn't be having more fun or loving life any more than I do!

For more pictures, the following links will send you to a public view of my Facebook album. Or you could always add me as a friend!

I have plenty more photos to sort through. My fabulous photographer (Tawsha with the Color Blue Photography) took over 1,000! Maybe that is normal, but it sure seems like a lot to me! And I am so happy for that because she caught a lot of priceless moments from that day (the best day of my life), including this one:

Check out that butterfly on my finger! We had a beautiful butterfly release at the reception. It was an ultimate dream for me.

And this one...

My baby brother isn't such a baby anymore.

And of course, this one...

My lovely niece, Zaylie.

I can't quite describe the day in a little entry like this, but the sealing was definitely the focal point and remains that way in my mind. It was the most special, sacred moment of my life. I am so grateful to be with my sweetheart for all eternity.

In other news, I cut my hair! I am a new woman. It feels wonderful and free. I have been doing lots of crafts for the house (Cassie got me addicted) as well as cooking DAILY. Who would have guessed?!?! I also got a job working the tanning salon right next to Adrian's gym. Perfect set up.

Adrian is still working the shake shop and training. He and I have tossed around lots of ideas as far as his schooling is concerned and the most current decision is to begin a class or two at UVU this fall. I will return full time in August to BYU, while keeping my part time job, and he will continue working full time and just take a slow and steady course on to receive his Associate's.

We make a great team. He is everything I would love to be. I am thankful for his quiet influence, for the way he makes me want to be a better person, without ever saying a word.

I love my little family! Here are my babies:

Very old, but you get the idea. My three boys are my world!

I will post photos of my crafts (and maybe even my meals!) in the near future. I am quite proud of them!

Love, Tash


  1. Most beautiful bride, ceremony, reception, pictures, etc! I loved being there!

  2. Beautiful Pictures. We are so happy for yall! And I am jealous that you cook everyday!

  3. lets see the house too! love your blog hon, and i'm so friggin happy that you're so friggin happy! love ya, ~Krista

  4. Yea! I must have checked for updates on Saturday. Beautiful pictures. Sounds like your happiness is giving you more life and energy to do all of your new "talents"! :)