Sunday, March 7, 2010

Final Stretch

We are moving into crunch time as the wedding quickly approaches! I love it because every day, it seems that much more real! It is actually happening!

A client of Adrian's is renting out his home, as he and his wife and children are moving into a new place. This week, we will be going over for dinner to take a look. It is located in Orem, which is perfect for Adrian's job and my schooling. Also, a home would be a major plus because that gives my dogs an entire backyard to play.

Our engagement photos are scheduled for April 2. We are already joking about preparing for all of the "lovey dovey" poses. He and I interact like best friends most of the time, so I am guessing a lot of our pictures will turn out to be very candid and fun.

I recently got hired to begin teaching hip hop at a second school, Dixon Middle School, in Provo. My first day is tomorrow. I am so excited to work with another group of kids. Their passion and energy levels always impress and inspire me!

Adrian is going to UVU in the morning to look into the police academy. He would like to consider that as another option in addition to PTA school. Either way, he is beginning in August. He has made that committment! I am so proud of him. He is the most determined person I have ever met in my life.

Adrian makes me laugh every day. Most things he says I feel like I should write down. He is that romantic. In fact, last night we were doing a pizza and a movie double date with my roommate and her guy friend, and Adrian said to me, "Tash, you are the most beautiful thing about that ring on your finger." That is nothing out of the ordinary for him! I get love notes and text messages expressing similar affections almost constantly. I could not be any more blessed.

Have a memorable week! (I am finding that making memories on a daily basis is quite rewarding...)

Tash and Adrian

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  1. Getting married to your best friend is a glimpse of heaven...right? Enjoy this time, it is so fun which makes up for the stress.