Thursday, February 4, 2010

Brand New at This!

I am soooo excited to see how this develops over time, but for now, this will look basic and boring compared to the wonderful blogs I see from my friends.

However, I am ready to begin logging the events of our fabulous engagement and our day to day (or perhaps weekly) activities leading up to the wedding.

We have had a few recent curveballs thrown at us (surprise, surprise!!) and so we are considering pushing the wedding date back a few weeks in order to ease stress. Who knew wedding planning was so involved?!? I sure didn't.

The current temple date is May 22, but after spending many hours shopping for wedding gowns and coming to no definite conclusions, I realized I am in for a long journey with every little detail of the reception, etc. Like my mom likes to say, I have champagne taste. (Not to mention a Sprite budget!!!)

We are thinking of a mid to late June wedding at this point, and I am just waiting to hear how that fits in with everyone's busy lives.

This semester at BYU, although a blast, is proving to be quite involved. Adrian and I are busy in our endeavors to establish ourselves financially. While I am in school, Adrian is working, working, working!! He is an incredible provider and has an amazing work ethic. I have never seen anything like it. Even last week, when we were both sick with head colds, he was putting in 16 hour days at the gym. He is the best personal trainer and supplement counselor out there!

Anyway, so my current roommate got a job in Washington DC, and rather taking over the whole lease (I was subletting from her), I decided to move out too. I am relocating to Old Mill with a good friend of mine, and will be living there until the wedding. We feel good about the change, especially because my current place required a BYU Housing Waiver, and Old Mill is already BYU Approved.

My dogs will be staying in Sandy with Adrian and his family for the remainder of our engagement. That will be a difficult adjustment for me because I am attached to sleeping with them. And Kaj, especially, is attached to sleeping with me! We feel that this is the right situation, however, and my sweet new family is amazing for taking such good care of my "children".

While we are wrestling with establishing a new wedding date, etc., I am also on day one of a seven day show prep diet. My trainer wants to see how the same meal plan for a week works with my body. It is a huge change to go from packaged foods to clean eating, but I am already enjoying the natural energy boost! I will keep everyone updated on how the training is going. Today, I get my cast off so that is the big first step to recovery and building up my arms again.

I am so grateful to be going to this University, and as I sit here and type, I smile to myself because of the atmosphere I am so blessed to be surrounded by. I missed saying prayers at the beginning of class, and the general peace and calm I feel just being in the buildings.

I will post soon. Right now, there will be lots of updates!

Tash (Future, soon-to-be Mrs. Robertson)

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